Creating healthy culture for small businesses

Vision without culture doesn’t stand a chance. Let’s create healthy organizational culture together.


Why Culture?

No one wants to work in an environment that lacks momentum and collaboration. Sadly this is the reality for most of us. If fact, don’t we all want to work on a high caliber team that executes vision and delivers results?

Without a healthy organizational culture, longterm success in your business isn’t possible.

Rather than hiring employees to accomplish your vision, let’s build a vision for your team that sparks enthusiasm and recognizes good work. By clarifying your organizational identity, creating cultural markers, and establishing a rhythm of catching your team in action, the success you want for your business will become possible.


Ready to begin?

The Culture Identity Workshop will lay the foundation and chart the course for your future. Together we will create a plan to improve your organizational culture and show you the tools to keep it going.


Clarify your organizational identity

A compelling picture of your vision, mission, and values


Create cultural markers and milestones

A developmental vision for your staff that accelerates potential


Catch the team in action

A rhythm of recognition to boost morale and effectiveness


Our Services

culture identity workshop

A one-day event for the executive team and key stakeholders. Laying the foundation will include:

  • Vision, mission and values 

  • Cultural markers/scorecard

  • Competencies/objectives

  • Leadership habits of recognition

outsourced culture officer

Running lean means you may have to look outside your organization for:

  • Team recruitment profiles

  • Onboarding plan for new hires

  • Team building strategy

  • Coaching for executive team